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Finance your attic insulation with Laclede Gas Company!

Attic Insulation with Laclede Gas Company

Fall is the time to upgrade your attic insulation. Now you can finance your attic insulation with Laclede Gas Company.

Did you know that attic insulation is one of the most important energy efficiency components in your home? Without proper attic insulation the furnace in your home will have to run excessively to try to keep the temperature regulated. Here is how it works…

The temperature’s outside drop, so naturally we all go to our thermostat to turn the heat up to keep our home’s living spaces comfortable. Once the target temperature we have set is reached, the furnace turns off. Everyone knows that hot air rises. Well attic insulation is simply a barrier that prevents the hot air that rises to our ceilings or highest part of our home from penetrating into our attic space. Once the hot air reaches the attic space its removed via ventilation and gone for good.

To prevent the conditioned air from reaching your attic space and leaving your home you need to have a solid consistent barrier of attic insulation. The department of energy recommends that we have no less that 16″ (R-49). Some of customers have had us install up to 24″ of attic insulation. One important fact that everyone who owns a home needs to know is that attic insulation compacts over time and needs to be upgraded. As the insulation compacts, it loses its R-value and becomes less effective. So we all need to upgrade our attic insulation roughly every 10 years.

Green Space Construction is a certified attic insulation installer for Laclede Gas Company. Laclede offers a program for homeowner’s that enables them to roll the cost of installing attic insulation into your gas bill over a period of many years. So not only can you decrease your energy costs each month, you can spread out the cost of installing attic insulation into your home. Not too bad!

Our company has been installing attic insulation in the St. Louis area now for over 8 years. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation can be installed within just a few hours and the cost can be recovered typically within a year. After that you’re just putting more money in your pocket each month!

Green Space Construction specializes in the installation of attic insulation. Our crews install fiberglass, cellulose as well as open and closed cell spray foam. If you would like a free attic insulation quote for your home call us now! We can come out and meet with you or even pass along an estimate by just speaking to you over the phone. Call one of our consultants now at 636-675-3330 or feel free to submit an inquiry on our contact page as well. Hope to hear from you soon!

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