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Foundation Insulation – Ballwin, Mo

Foundation Insulation Ballwin Mo

Our team helped yet another homeowner install foundation insulation in their home located in Ballwin, Mo.

The owner of this home was working with a local general contractor who managed all aspects of the project, minus the insulation. Our customer did extensive research on which foundation insulation product would best fit their needs. After looking at multiple options it was determined that spray foam would be the best fit.

Green Space Construction was contacted and we sent an energy consultant to meet with the homeowner to view the project and make recommendations as to which product was within their budget and best fit her needs.

Although this home is fairly new, it has had foundation issues. The foundation has cracked and had water leakage at one point. Because of these prior issues it was determined that closed cell spray foam insulation would be the best fit.

Closed cell spray foam insulation is the most powerful insulation material available on the market today. It can be installed at a depth as little as one inch and is extremely effective in preventing energy loss. Closed cell foam also stops air infiltration and provides structural strength. Most importantly closed cell spray foam is a water resistant product. This is important due to the previous water leaks within the home.

Foundation insulation is an important component of your basement remodeling project. An improperly insulated basement can be uncomfortable and often damp. Not with closed cell spray foam! This type of insulating product provides the best of both worlds, extreme efficiency as well as waterproofing. No other insulation material can do what closed cell spray foam insulation can do!

If you would like a free estimate or would like to speak with one of our energy consultants regarding your foundation insulation project call us now! Click on the contact tab or call 636-675-3330 for more info.

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