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Caulking & Weatherstripping

Simple, Yet Incredibly Effective Method to Reduce Your Energy Bill

One of the simplest, most cost-effective weatherization measures available, caulking and weather-stripping typically pays for itself within a year. Drafty windows and doors often do not need to be replaced, but simply air sealed to prevent drafts and leaks.


Many homes are inadequately caulked at the exterior which results in air infiltration. Caulking involves installing a bead of flexible caulk to the joints where different materials meet. In the St. Louis area, this can significantly impact your heating and cooling bills. Depending on the installation, we will recommend silicone, latex or oil based caulk. Some residences will require caulking at interior locations, as well as outdoor locations. Green Space is careful to caulk all air infiltrating spaces in order to ensure proper sealing and ultimate efficiency.


Weather-stripping provides the same thermal benefits as caulking, by sealing the seams between operable doors and windows and the interior of the jamb/casing. Properly installed weather-stripping will allow the window or door to seal tightly when closed, but will not interfere with the normal opening and closing of the window or door. Weather-stripping is available in foam, rubber, vinyl, and metal materials. Depending on the usage, each of these materials can be used effectively. After a number of years, old weather-stripping can become worn and ineffective. Green Space will assess your homes conditions and make the right recommendations to balance cost with potential savings, insuring that your home is comfortable and efficient.

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