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Pipe Insulation

Improve Efficiency and Avoid Freezing Pipes

Properly installed pipe insulation can prevent heat loss and gain from uninsulated water pipes in your home. Pipe insulation saves energy and improves the effectiveness of your homes heating and cooling systems.

Tubular foam is the most common form of pipe insulation, although some applications call for foil faced fiberglass batts. Piping should be insulated in all unheated spaces, including garages, attics, and crawlspaces, in order to prevent them from freezing. Pipes that serve ice makers and other appliances should also be insulated. Pipes leading to a water heater are important to insulate to reduce heat loss from the tank.

Green Space Construction is a leading pipe insulation installer in St. Louis. Pipe insulation is a fantastic energy efficiency improvement as it can be installed for little cost and provide a lasting benefit. Contact us today for a complimentary energy consultation.