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Proper Ventilation Leads to Increased Efficiency & Improved Air Quality

Ventilation is one of the most commonly overlooked components of energy efficiency and weatherization projects, but it’s a critical factor that we evaluate on all weatherization projects at Green Space Construction. Weatherization projects that include ventilation will allow for increased energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality compared to weatherized structures without ventilation. Why is that?

Ventilation Installer St. Louis Mo The reason is that ventilation is a necessary component of your home to maintain good energy efficiency. As energy efficiency improvements have grown in popularity, houses have become more tight. In tightly sealed homes, air can become trapped, humidity and contaminant levels can rise, and indoor air quality goes down. The Department of Energy recommends the addition of ventilation, if your home has had extensive air tightening, insulation, and/or air sealing work done. For relatively little cost, this important addition can make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Green Space can help you determine the right kind of ventilation for your home, whether it be roof turbines, bath exhaust ventilation, or supply ventilation that uses a dedicated fan or air handler to push air into the house. We are a leading St. Louis ventilation contractor, and have the expertise to provide you with the most cost-effective options for your needs.

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